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If you need your mind and body to feel lighter and your batteries to be recharged, join the new Garuda discipline! Save the date: every Thursday at 7:15 p.m. virtually meet Gaëlle Bergeal,  an experimented and talented coach, via Zoom - on your laptops, i-pads and smartphones. Enjoy the first free session and experience this new discipline. Subscribe at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive the invitation link.

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Stress, an exhausting lifestyle, food imbalances, operation or accident, weight gain… Find balance and well-being thanks to the training of Gaelle Bergeal. Her advice and personalized exercises give you the ways to obtain spectacular results that you are a teenager, an adult or senior!

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Quickly sculpture your silouhette and improve your performances by an effective and individualized training thanks to the quite last techniques - from Gyrotonic to Wav-e including Trigger Point - which Gaelle masters as much as the "classics": Icoone, Pilates, Power Plate...

Get back in form further to a trauma, an accident, an operation or or after giving birth. In so necessary correspondence with healthcare professionals, and according to a rigorous methodology, Gaelle develops a custom-made program of fitness and muscular strengthening.

Accompanying you through every step of the programme, she will know how to allow you to reach your goals, whatever your age, physical condition, lifestyle. Every step of the way, she watches the good execution of each of the exercises on device or mat, in studio as well as outdoor…

At home coaching

If you prefer to train at your home, Gaelle Bergeal will develop a specific program and will move then to watch its good progress.