Gaelle can offer you a wide range of less strenuous techniques, such as Pilates, that will tone your body and maintain your wellbeing, even when recuperating from an operation.


Studio Pilates

Tone your body and re-align your posture thanks to a gentle technique aligned with your breathing.

Trigger Point Performance

Free your tensions and muscular pain thanks to a compression technique that loosens your core body muscles.


An advanced technique to reshape your curves, using non-invasive, micro-stimulations that target cellulite, without attacking cutaneous tissues.


Eliminate all stiffness in your spine with this method that uses flowing, circular movements aligned with your breathing to make your body supple and stronger. The perfect way to re-educate your body.

Wav-e EMS Training

Gently burn maximum calories and fatty tissues using a complete programme based on electrical stimulation of the muscles, which tones, shapes and strengthens the body. New and revolutionary.

Power Plate + EMS

Combining these two therapies, which stimulate your body’s metabolism, lose weight and tone up, quickly and effortlessly.