The post- lockdown period is the ideal moment you all deserve to dedicate to yourselves...
Even from your own place! Taking care of your body is a key factor to boost your immune system. For more energy and stamina, join the Garuda training sessions! Easily performed in remote, live, by using the Zoom platform connection.


Garuda: a holistic brand new discipline

It is both a visionary method and the future of wellbeing. In the Indian mythology, Garuda is a bird constantly changing its shape to better suit its different functions. Today, Garuda exercises incessantly develop and increase thanks to James D'Silva, its creator. Garuda is an emotional, sentimental and spiritual method combined with energy based body training. Such psycho-corporal technique helps you increase your power, endurance, coordination and agility, thus quickly decompressing, boosting your immune system, hence experiencing more confidence and optimizing challenging outcomes. 

Garuda sessions (Zoom connection) - For any training level

Group sessions every Wednesday at 7h00 p.m.: 40 €/each 
One-to-one personalized on demand sessions: 100 €/each
Time frame: 1h - Equipment: 1 chair/stall, 2 big books, a wall.
Payment features: Bank transfer 48h before each training session.
You will be e-mailed a link to easily connect to your session 15 mn before its start. Should you not join, your place will be taken by a different attendee based on a waiting list.
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This perfect mix of Pilates, dance, yoga and Tai-Chi create a winning connection bridging body and soul. The effect of each movement minimizes stress supporting your fight against everyday stressful life. Breathing and de-stressing image visualizing create a deeper conscience of all the performed movements interpreted based on different perceptions. A fluid, dynamic and rhythm based training balances the energy flow between body and souls, Improving gesture coordination, body posture and relieving muscle tensions.
“Gaëlle is an extremely serious coach. She asked me to complete a series of fundamental tests to perfectly understand the effects of my metabolism, tailor making her sessions accordingly. I am really glad I met her as her courses have always helped me and supported me both physically and psychologically. Valérie C., Monaco

"I must thank Gaelle for introducing me to Garuda. Her perfect muscular training exercises working on body postures, involve any part of the body having a breathtaking effect on them! 
I feel an incredible opportunity to progress... After each session, I have a soothing sensation in my backbone." Romane B. Monaco.