Encourage well-being within your company with a new practical and effective method - For all levels - Minimum equipment required
A sedentary lifestyle and a sitting posture are the causes of a wide range of health problems, such as chronic pain, bad blood circulation and overweight, which impact on the life of both your employees and your company.



The concentration required to perform the great variety of proposed exercises is the best way to « empty your mind » without actually realizing. An incredible wellbeing sensation is already guaranteed at the end of the first session!


The Garuda method has been created by James D’Silva, an Indian yogi and former ballet dancer who turned into a coach. This incredible discipline combining Pilates, Yoga and Tai chi, consists of 80 basic postures and several variants, focusing on body agility and smoothness.

Accessible to all

Whether oriented or non-oriented to sport activities, and for any age, the Garuda Chair must be performed sitting on a stall, within your company’s walls.

Minimum equipement required 

The only material required consists of easily stackable and storable wood made stalls and anti-slip mats.


Thanks to some weeks’ training only, you will see your power, agility, coordination, endurance and concentration boosting.

Following the company's speed

A maximum of six students’ for each class, will not impact the standard work of the company.