Both form and substance

To coach you, it is necessary to get to know you. To prepare a training programme that suits your individual needs, Gaelle starts by writing your personal physiological and anatomical report. If necessary, she will collaborate with your other therapists.
Adapting to your needs and personal goals, she will devise a programme that combines performance and harmony. She will support and encourage you throughout each stage of your programme, either in her studio or at your home, until you achieve your aims.

Efficiency & Harmony

An unbalanced diet, an erratic lifestyle, stress or accidents are all obstacles to your well-being. Keep in shape with personalised exercises, taking account of your physical condition and capabilities and you will find a new lease of life. You can forget weight or circulation problems, lost muscle tone, inflamed muscles or painful joints!
As preventive therapy, or to help in releasing muscular contractions and tensions related to fatigue, poor posture and habits or intense effort, the Trigger Point technique combined with Gaelle’s solid experience in anatomy are your guarantees of success.

A win-win situation

Gaelle has a large range of gentle methods at her disposal such as Pilates, Icoone, and the innovative Wav-e technique, which will help sculpt your silhouette, find postural balance, get back in shape and even to help you recover from an operation or after giving birth.